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2012 Ford Mustang Review

2012 Ford Mustang Review 

Tipping the Scales with the Boss. 2011 has just tipped the scales, but Ford is piling on the pounds with its forthcoming 2012 Mustang. Ford's eager rush to the future is odd considering its newest addition to the storied Mustang lineup, the retro Boss 302 - an ode of glory to the evocative days of 1969.

The founder of the perennially popular "pony car" class, the Ford Mustang debuted for the 1965 automotive year. Its classic styling, laudable ergonomics, and seamless fusion of power and handling make it the most ubiquitous pony car on the street today, a testament to its long-standing popularity. Many an automotive collector's garage or racing museum exhibition room is adorned by a Ford Mustang.
The 2012 Ford Mustang is due for release in summer 2011. It will be available in six trim levels: V6, V6 Premium GT, GT, GT Premium, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302. All except the GT500 and Boss 302 are available in either coupe or convertible body styles. The all-new Boss 302 is a resurrection of the classic track beast of the late 1960s and was first shown at the 2011 Detroit Auto show.
As the product of two consecutive years of overhauling, the 2012 Mustang gang is the product of delicate engineering and premium ergonomics. Minor changes include new color themes, upgraded Recaro upholstery, customizable power steering, and a reverse sensing system. But the real big news for 2012 is not plush seating or security alarms, but two hefty thrill machines - the Mustang Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguana Seca. Both pack a 444-hp 5.0-liter V8 coupled to a standard six-speed manual transmission. With 0-60 sprints in the low fours and braking distances just over 100 feet, the dynamic duo pushes the limits of what a pony car can do. Amenities include toys such as a navigation system, heated mirrors, leather seats, and more.
Safety features for the 2012 Ford Mustang include 4-wheel ABS brakes, front impact airbags, passenger side-impact airbags, occupancy sensors, head protection and SecuriLock. It has not been crash tested by the NHTSA or IIHS.
Competition to the 2012 Ford Mustang
Comparable vehicles include the muscular but raw Dodge Challenger, "cop car" Dodge Charger, and the fast, aggressively-styled Chevrolet Camaro. The Mustang offers a synthesized fusion of handling, power and comfort, while its competitors tend to specialize in one or the other. It has been forty-two years since the Mustang's debut, but its brusque, boyish brawn still flows strong.


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